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Honey Face Mask

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Firming, Hydrating, Honey Cream

Revitalizing power of honey helps to enhance natural beauty by making your skin look lifted and smooth, brings ultimate benefit by moisturizing and nourishing your skin, and gives sheer delight by providing a pleasant feeling when the natural face mask is being applied.

Stage 1: Honey Face Mask.

How does this mask work?

  • moisturizes intensely
  • keeps the skin young

As a result, the skin becomes smooth, rejuvenated and revitalized. Directions: Put the mask on carefully cleansed skin for 15 minutes. Then remove the mask and rinse your face with water. For best result apply daily during 12 days, then 1-2 times a week.

Stage 2: Honey Cream

Honey Cream maximizes and prolongs the effect of the mask, eliminates imperfections. Directions: After using the mask, apply a light, even layer of ceramides, leave on your skin until fully absorbed.

What are the benefits of Dizao Masks?

  • All Dizao masks contain marine collagen and natural hyaluronic acid
  • Contain 99,6% of natural ingredients
  • Acts fast and with prominent effect
  • The mask is enriched with marine collagen
  • No parabens, no propylene glycol, no petrochemicals, no GMO

Made in CPR. One pack includes 10 masks.



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