Best mascara for length by Dizao Organics

Best Black Mascara
Dizao Organics makeup – organic black mascara ($11.75) is one of Dizao’s top products that makes your eyelashes longer and extends your beauty onto the next level. The formula is wet and of course it is smudge proof mascara (why in the world should it be not?). An original brush gives the right shape and defines every lash, making each of them have a fuller volume and softer look.

Natural organic mascara is currently available only in black color and we are sure, soon there will be more to come.
Some also use mascara to give some color for their own brows, especially if you are a brunette.

I really like tinted brows in color for the eyelashes, so it gets really good looking. My normal eyelashes are dark enough, but mascara natural always gets them to the right spot and is making the eyebrows match eyelashes is really not such a bad idea, still it is very important not to go all harsh on the eyelashes so it stops looking natural, so that they will have a much smoother overall look. This mascara is creating a real texture and totally defines your eyes and the way you look.

So, for those who have very light or kind of invisible eyelashes and/or brows, this mascara has an absolutely cool color/tint. The organic eye make-up you use can really change you and the way you appear to other Continue reading

Dizao Organics Essantial Lip Balms

Happy Thursday, dear visitors. I hope everyone is having a nice Thanksgiving Day. Anyway, lets get back to the post!

In our store you may find the lip balms of various flavors like: Chocolate, Pomegranate, Mango & many more. They are all awesome in addition to being fruity and have a really charming scent. The scent totally depends on which shea butter lip balm you buy, that is obvious of course. :-) Pomegranate lip balm is one of my own favorites. It really smells like pomegranate, I find it amazingly cool. The chocolate natural lip moisturizer and others are great too, well, it is all up to you. Some are cool, some are mild. The scent is also not too strong, without any kind of overdoing it.

This best moisturizer for lips feel truly firm. but their texture is smooth and easily applied. Also, when you are putting some on your own lips, the balm melts fast and turns creamy and transparent and it doesn’t leave any color on you, just an adorable smell. I cannot consider any other shea lip balm which goes on like this as the majority of other lip balms are different.

The texture of lip balms is neat and you will definitely like it once you try it! Oh well. There are many things worth trying. Like getting a gift set! You definitely will need it for upcoming months.

The packaging is cute and unique, it comes in white lip balm tubes. The labels are colorful with images from the outer package and with the Dizao name on it. The outer boxing looks good and can be a Continue reading

Having a tinted lip balm by Dizao Organics

Today’s blog is going to be about our one of a kind organic lip balm product: lip color balms. One of their main features is their bright flower – like color, unlike our fruity balms. Anyway, even though all of them have color, it does not mean that any kind of color is applied to your lips. :-) It is still clear on your lips once applied. Enhancing lips and keeping them moisturized is one of the priorities we have here and applying different kinds of lip balms is one of my absolute favorites. I’m utilizing a couple of various lip moisturizers at this time, however these are one of my personal favorites! It has a slight aroma, but no too much. It is therefore fresh and clean, the smell isn’t really insanely strong, and it really is fairly gentle. This is definitely fantastic, vibrant and refreshing, I can say that I use lip balms quite a lot myself. I am using them on a regular basis anytime I feel like it. Lip balm with shea butter gives a real moisturizing boost for your lips.

These shea lip balm and others in our store are wonderful and dream-like. They are soft and have a great texture. They are all packed in small boxes with cool design and the actual tube is plastic. It’s kind of whipped and solidly packed. It’s smooth and light-weight. I truly adore the way it causes my face to feel. I use it during the Continue reading

A bit about Dizao Organics lip balms

Dizao Lip Balms
Today dear visitors, we will at last review a lip balm here. We are currently working on covering of each and every item with future upcoming reviews so make sure to check back from time to time. Let’s get to the review of the shea butter lip balm by Dizao Organics.

Now I can say that there are numerous flavors in stock and you will find anything from pomegranate, chocolate and cinnamon lip balm and up to flower flavored lip balms. I was able to the pomegranate one and everything what is written about it and what people say about it is really true. It is moisturizing, doesn’t leave any color on your lips and has a nice overall effect. The formula together with the flavor is natural and without bad things in it (for more details, check out ingredients on the corresponding product page). Check it out to see its strength and benefits that you can get from using Dizao best tinted lip balm. Many of these flavors can become you favorite ones. I myself like several of those, including the ones I mentioned earlier! Also it does have a slight scent, it is not much disturbing.

It feels kind of creamy, however it is still firm as well as a bit glossy. My lips surely feel moisturized and guarded after I apply this lip balm. I honestly cannot consider any other lip balm this could possibly be alike. Continue reading

Mascara as an important part of make-up

Dizao Mascara
Dizao Organics Mascara serves as unique mascara which offers highest volume level to build a striking, winged-out appearance. The unique brush applies coats to ones eyelashes and curves them up and out. This kind of organic cosmetic mascara does state that it can increase length and volume, so bear that in mind.

The mascara does good job at being both, best volumizing mascara & lengthening one, nevertheless it performs properly for creating mascara volume. The formula is on the drier side, this is why when there is a lot of product around the brush and I also put it on my eyelashes, it won’t stick all of my sexy eyelashes together and make these appear stubby. In Case I do end up getting tiny clumps, these are combed out easily with a spoolie without having to remove the mascara. For any volumizing mascara, I noticed that it splits pretty effectively and tends to make my own lashes look fuller and bigger. You can apply coat after coat of volume without any issues.

The brush is big and full, and it has a standard form. I have discovered that slightly rolling the brush at the base of the eyelashes when going upwards with the brush works effectively. The center of the wand hugs the sexy eyelashes while you coat all of them, and it actually does a decent job of Continue reading

All about mascaras

Dizao Organics Mascara is actually a brand new best natural mascara by Dizao that gives best lengthening and volumizing mascara that features lustrous black fibers that will ensure that the outcome is extremely good looking with dark lashes and a hint of glimmer. It is a non-waterproof, yet smudge proof mascara, and furthermore available in one variant.

There are many other types of mascara that might have not worked well for you. It might be that not one of them has given you sufficient length and/or volume for your liking. Of all the mascaras we have tried ourselves, Dizao is among natural cosmetics brands and our mascara performes as the most effective and can pretty much be one of your favorites. I have come across numerous bloggers using this brand new mascara lately, thus I can tell everyone is always positive and curious when it comes to trying out something new.

The mascara wand is always do or die when talking about mascara, with regards to this mascara, it’s actually a win. No unusual “progressive” shape, simply a large fluffy brush. I truly adore it. It is a good size for getting to each of the eyelashes, plus it is not too large to reach the smaller corners and bottom eyelashes.
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