Succulent fruits make your skin better with Dizao natural face masks

Do you want your skin to be packed with natural energy of fruits? Do you want their revitalizing power to perform miracles on your face? Do you want your skin to become as tender as peach skin, as juicy as orange pulp and as elastic as a ripe grape?

Try natural face masks Dizao! Dizao uses fruits for its tissue face masks because we like effects which fruits produce on skin. Continue reading

5 reasons to fall in love with Dizao natural mascara

Spring is the season of love. We recommend you to fall in love with Dizao natural mascara this spring! No doubt, that this love will be mutual and happy! Besides, it will make you beautiful!
If you are still not sure, read these 5 reasons why you should fall in love with 95% organic moisturizing black mascara by Dizao.

1. Dizao natural mascara is a mascara for sensitive eyes. This fact is very important for those who have sensitive eyes and do not want to irritate them with mascara.
Natural ingredients make Dizao mascara best mascara for sensitive eyes. We do not use chemicals as we understant how important it is for women protect their eyes from irritation. Dizao chemical free mascara is your chance to forget about allergy caused by eyes makeup. Continue reading

Dizao tinted lip balm “211 Magnolia”, a natural lip balm that will protect your lips and make them beautiful

Magnolia is one of the most beautiful flowers of spring. This flower combines ultimate tenderness of petals and tough carpels to protect this tenderness from pollinating beetles.
Magnolia blooms very early in spring. Its wonderful flowers appear even before beets and flies flood the meadows and gardens. Magnolia can not wait for flying insects to appear and attract beetles for pollination.

Magnolia is not afraid of being damaged by pollinating beetles because its carpels are tough enough.
We like magnolia’s combination of tender beauty and ability to protect itself, that is why we developed our tinted lip balm “211 Magnolia”, beautiful and protective at the same time.
Being inspired by magnolia, Dizao natural lip balm “211”, is developed as a well-balanced mixture of natural ingredients to ensure “magnolia” beauty and protection. We put together shea butter and castor oil, carnauba wax ana jojoba oil. We made the formula of the balm to meet the highest criteria of a product named after this wonderful flower. Continue reading

6 reasons to order a moisturizing face mask by Dizao right now

Does your skin skew on the dry side? You need to hydrate it as soon as possible!
Chronically overdried skin always leads to wrinkles, flakiness and loss of elasticity.
Leave parched skin in the past with moisturizing face masks by Dizao.
Here are 5 reasons to ditch your skin moisturizer for a Dizao face mask.

1. The sheet face mask proved to be the best moisturizer for face. It prevents moisture from evaporating during application and pushes active ingredients of the mask deeply into the skin. Being sheet face masks Dizao face masks successfully deal with the most important part of moisturizing – delivering ingredients to the deepest skin layers. Continue reading

Dizao tinted lip balm “215 Crocus”, the boldest foreruner of spring

What are the spingest flowers? No doubt, crocuses! Appearance of these cup-shaped lilac flowers is always a sign of sping`s arrival. Crocuses thrive in the early spring (or even in the late winter) and it seems that they do not bother about low temperatures at all.

Due to their boldness in the face of show and cold, crocuses are always associated with delicate beauty that can protect itself and combat any unfavorable environmental conditions. Neither cold blast no snowfall can frighten a crocus. Continue reading

Natural face mask “Honey” by Dizao. Arrange a honey moon for your skin

Have you ever tried a homemade honey face mask? We bet, you have. Honey is widely used for DIY face masks as it contains a lot of vitamins and beneficial substances.
Buzz about a honey face mask is quite reasonable.

Honey has good moisturizing properties so it is always a “must have” ingredient to any hydrating face mask. This semi-transparent substance, filled with golden sunshine and aroma of flowery meadows, can absorb and retain water. When being put on the skin honey starts to penetrate inside of it and give it revitalizing moisture drop by drop. When packed with this moisture skin becomes more plumped up and hydrated. Continue reading