BOTO face masks. Most innovative product on the market

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We live in the time when every day brings us something totally new and innovative. It concerns not only iPods and iPads but cosmetics as well.
Yesterday you had to resort to quite dangerous BOTOX injections to keep youth and beauty. Nowadays to apply a course of tissue BOTO mask is enough to stay young and beautiful without harmful and frighting procedures.

The fact is, that all tissue face masks are products of the future. Their formulas are continuously being developed and improved by leading beauticians and chemists of Europe, North America, China and Korea. Continue reading

Dizao “Vitamin C Face Mask”. Splash of vitamin C for your skin!


Early summer has already brought oranges and lemons of new harvest. We enjoy these fruits, their juiciness and taste. Moreover, we enjoy splash of vitamins, which these fruits give to us.

Vitamin C can be found in many fruits, which ripen in the early summer. Vitamin C is important for our immunity and metabolism. Moreover, Vitamin C is beneficial for our skin. Continue reading

Dizao tissue face masks. Perfect solution for vacation


When we get tired, we go on vacation. But, unfortunatly, our vacation is not always vacation for our skin and our skin needs rest no less than we need it.
Every second, spend on board of the plane, on the seaside or in the mountains, is a great stress for your skin. For sure, broken beauty routine and broken regime and broken diet affect our skin.

Consequently, moisture loss, irritation and redness of skin obligotary accompany us when we go on vacation. Continue reading

Why do we use calcium for Dizao “Calcium” BOTO mask?

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Dizao BOTO line consists of the unique products, developed to provide ultimate rejuvenation.
No other face mask can provide such a strong effect, compared with injections of Botox.

Dizao BOTO masks can be wonderful alternative to Botox injections. Besides, Dizao BOTO masks are totally safe and Botox injections are not.
As Dizao BOTO masks have so strong rejuvenating properties, we do not recommend to use them if you are under 30. Remember, when signs of aging are not so obvious, there is no need for anti aging heave artillery. Continue reading

If I am under 30, should I apply Dizao face masks?

All Dizao face masks contain collagen and hyaluronic acid. Collagen and hyaluronic acid are famous fighters with aging on the battlefield of your face, so that they are very effective to eliminate wrinkles, fine lines and aging spots, lift your skin and restore face contours. In other words, in terms of anti aging treatment Dizao face masks are must have for those who are older than 30.

Here we meet another question: are Dizao face masks good for your skin, if you are at your twenties? Continue reading

Natural mascara by Dizao Organics. Long and volumized lashes which look bare

We like look natural. So natural, as if we woke up a minute ago and had neither time no desire to improve our appearance. Because our appearanse is already impeccable.

Bare lashes look is no less important than bare face look in general. Fake-looking, too overload with mascara or clumpy lashes should bee left far behind, but how?
Of course, you can actually go with bare lashes but it does not work if your lashes are not long or not thick enough.

If you are one of those whose eyelashes are not perfect enough to remain bare, Dizao Organics has a wonderful solution for you, its 95% USDA organic moisturizing mascara has so light texture that if you apply it on your lashes, they will look bare, long and thick. Continue reading

Go wild with Dizao tinted lip balm “206 Wild Rose”

Bright and juicy hue of Dizao tinted lip balm “206 Wild Rose” will help you to feel wildness, which is typical for youth, at any age. Going wild with this organic lip balm became so easy, as it had never been before.

One dab of Dizao tinted lip balm “206 Wild Rose” in the morning will replace a cup of tea and feed you with energy and positive attitude to life. Do you want to paint colorless days, spend in the office with beautiful color? Do you need a little bit of inspiration? Do you want to add some freshness to your thoughts and boost your creativity? A color lip balm “206” by Dizao will be there for you! Continue reading

White mulberry for Dizao natural face masks, we care about every single ingredient

Dizao uses only natural ingredients to creat only the best face masks. We choose key ingredients to each our best face mask very carefully and always conduct a number of reseaches to develop our unique formulas. But the fact is that each formula contains not only key ingredients but some supplentary ingredients as well. In other words, it is not enough to have a few active ingredients with certain effects in a cosmetic formula. Active ingredients should be supported with a coctail of less strong, but still effective, ingredients.

White mulberry plays this role in Dizao natural face masks. Each Dizao beauty mask has its major active ingredient: major ingredient of Dizao “Collagen Face Mask” is obviously collagen, major ingredient of Dizao “Honey Face mask” is honey, and it is not a surprise that major active ingredient of “Avocado Face Mask” is avocado extract. Moreover, each of these natural masks contains White mulberry root extract. Continue reading

Corals. From the bottom of the sea with love

The bottom of the sea is covered with the carpet of corals. Their beauty and diversity are endless. Like sea waves crashes against the shore, women crash on coral-based care products and coral hue in decorative cosmetics.

Coral hue is worthy to crash on. It goes with any complexion and eye makeup. Dizao tinted lip balm “221” is light coral. It means that it does not contain too much orange color. Moreover, it is more reddish than coral pink, so that the color looks more natural on your lips. You do not have to have moxie to wear light coral, remember, it is natural enough to create commendable look and flatter your natural beauty. Continue reading