Dizao sheet masks. When and where to apply?

dizao face masks
We are always short of time. We need to save time every single minute of our day. No wonder we try to reduce time that we spend on our beauty routine as much as we can.
Fortunately, we can use Dizao sheet masks to groom our face skin.
Dizao sheet masks are very convenient to apply in comparison with cream face masks, mud face masks, wash off face masks and gel face masks. You do not need to establish a mini-laboratory to mix ingredients for a powder mask and you do not need to care of how filthy application of a mud mask is. Continue reading

Dizao products to spend this summer with

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What do we do in summer, how does it influence our skin and which Dizao care products can neutralize negative aspects of this influence and support positive ones? Answers to these and other questions you will find below.
-Workout is important in summer because on the one hand, you can do it outside along with sunbathing and enjoying fresh air. After a good session of workout we reccomend you to refresh your skin with Dizao “Green Tea” Face Mask. Dizao “Green Tea” face mask helps to relaxt after working out and restore moisture-balance. Moreover, Dizao natural face mask “Green Tea” will help you to squash the problem of broken capillaries. Continue reading

Dizao face masks
Start your week with Dizao natural face masks

Today is Monday, the most difficult day of the working week. On Mondays, we usually arrange our schedule and make our plans for the whole week.
We offer you to make plans for your beauty routine of this week with Dizao. In that case, your beauty routine should look like that:
1. Monday. On Monday we need to get prepared for the whole week. Being the first day of the week, Monday determines it. Actually, successful Monday makes the whole week successful. So, nourish your skin with Dizao natural face mask “Ginseng” and your lips with Dizao organic nourishing lip balm “Cinnamon and Shea Butter”. Nourishment will make your face skin and your lip skin healthier and more resistant to stress. Do you want to have pleasant and fruitful week, which will not be spoiled with a sudden appearance of a pimple or any other imperfection. Continue reading

Dizao face mask
Start your each day with Dizao “Hyaluronic Filler Botomask” to stop aging

Not everybody love to rise with the lark. For some people morning is something terrible and exuasting. Sometimes you feel so broken in the morning that only a cup of coffee can bring you to life.
You skin is supposed to look refreshed in the morning but so do you. Are you really (and feel) refreshed every morning? Continue reading

color lip balm
Dizao color lip balm “208 Calla Lily” will make your summer brighter

We are sure that you are ready to spent this summer in the brightest way ever and we are there for you to help you with it.
The cosmetics brand Dizao has everything to make your beach-time, your summer parties brighter as well as everyday of your life.
The natural lip balm “208 Calla Lily” by Dizao has a beautiful tint that copies the color of call lily, a harmonious combination of red, orange and beige. The tint is neutral enough and goes with any eye makeup and any skin tone. Continue reading

Perfect skin tone. Do I need concealer for it?

We do not want our skin to be imperfect, so our beauty routine is overloaded with concealers, foundations, BB-creams and powders. The question is, do we really need them all?
Check your bag, we are pretty sure that you have a number of decorative beauty products. But what if you try to replace all of them with regular care products?
No doubt, it is very difficult to find the best concealer for dark circles. So, try to use eye face masks instead of them. Dizao eye face masks are very effective to eliminate dark circles and puffiness in the eye area. Continue reading