Natural cosmetics. Do we really need it?

4Natural cosmetics are getting more and more prominence nowadays. Women prefer to ditch beauty products of doubtful origin for natural beauty products. There are plenty of natural skin care brands which have very wide range of natural skin care products to offer.

When market is so overloaded with natural cosmetics we can not help asking ourselves why it is better than other cosmetics and if we really need it.
Actually, there can be only one possible answer. Yes, we need it. Continue reading

Lip care tips for July

dizao tinted lip balm
July is the brightest month of the year. What can be better than its yellow sun hanging in the sky and spreading warm, smiles and joy?
In July everybody wants to look perfect but there are a number of factors which can seriously damage your face skin and lip skin, which is particularly sensitive.
To prevent this damage we prepared a few lip care tips for you to protect your lip skin in July, the best but still the hottest month of the year. We hope that you will include these lip care tips in your summer lip care routine and spend this summer with the most beautiful lips ever. Continue reading

The best natural moisturizer. Hyaluronic acid

Moisturizing is the most important part of skin care. Without sufficient hydrating you skin will look lifeless and dull, will age faster and will become more prone to various break-outs.
Dizao focuses on moisturizing effect because we understand its importance. A number of ingredients of Dizao sheet masks contain various skin moisturizers. But, not doubt, the best one is hyaluronic acid. Continue reading

Beauty tips for face. How to refresh your face skin if you have not slept at night

Dizao is always happy to share its beauty tips with you!
Today we are going to tell you what you can do if you have been parting the whole night or nursing your little baby or studing bedore a difficult exam. Actually, it does not matter why you have not slept at night, what really matters is how you look in the morning. Here we found a number of beauty tips for you to refresh your face skin in the morning. Continue reading

Dizao natural lip balms in questions and answers

natural lip balm
Recently, we received a number of questions about Dizao natural lip balms. We think it is time to answer the most interesting of them.
Which Dizao natural lip balm is the best to wear in summer?
All Dizao lip balms have wonderful moisturizing and protective properties which are particularly important for summer time. In terms of UV-protection, Dizao “Cinnamon and Shea Butter” lip balm is the leader. Continue reading

Which castor oil benefits make us put it in Dizao lip balms

Dizao lip balms are based on carnauba wax and a number of different oils and butters. Each oil and each butter fulfills its own function in terms of lip care.
We have already written about shea butter in Dizao lip balms.
Today we are going to talk about castor oil.
Castor oil benefits in terms of lip care are countless.
Although Castor oil shows skin moisturizing abilities, it is not so effective as shea butter to hydrate skin. That is why it is better to use these two oils in combination.
Castor oil evens your lip tone, refreshes it and makes your lips smoother. When it comes to making surface of your lips smoother, no other ingredient can make the job better than castor oil.
If you want to heal chapped lips, castor oil is essential. Castor oil is a boon when it comes to treatment of various cracks, wounds, scars and cuts. It does not work fast but if you need to say good buy to chapped lips forever, castor oil will be a perfect solution for you. Castor oil is good to restore and to replenish damaged tissue of your lip skin, so that ckacks and cuts on your lips will disappear into thin air. Continue reading

dizao color lip balms
Dizao color lip balms – the colorful chapped lips remedy.

Chapped lips are one of the most distracting problem that you can have with your lips.
If you got used to home remedies for chapped lips and do not want to ditch your natural lip care for some lip balms that contain chemicals and other harmful stuff, try Dizao tinted lip balms.
Dizao color lip balms work as a home remedy for chapped lips in terms of natural origin of ingredients and their safety.
Dizao color lip balms intensively hydrate lip skin and restore its surface. In fact, it is enough to use Dizao tinted lip balms for two weeks to see the results. Continue reading