How to find the best lipstick tone for your complexion

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What color lipstick should i wear and how to choose lipstick color are those questions which are asked by every woman and not once.
Lipstick colors are numerous. When you are buying a lipstick, you have to choose among so many different colors, which makes it very difficult to concentrate and pick the best one.
By the way, what is the best lipstick? Surely, the best lipstick is the one which matches your complexion as well as it matches your overall look, image and style. Continue reading

Crisp temperatures? You need a lip protectant!

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Dank and cold October is coming to an end and brings November with its cold winds and even colder weather. There is nothing bad about crisp temperatures for us but our lip skin is going to suffer from it a lot.
Low temperature and strong wind will attack your tender lips, so you do not need to ask yourself why do lips get chapped, the reason of it is very clear.
Your lips are going to become cracked and dry without a good lip protectant due to negative October effects. Continue reading

Add a peony, a calla lily and an orchid to your autumn lip makeup for the best lip color!

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We have already plunged into the deep autumn with its dripping trees and dank days.
Do not detain to choose and also apply the best lip colors, which will improve your autumn mood and will allow you to enjoy the remnants of October and November.
We found three best colors for you, which reflect the colors of the most bright flowers, namely, the color of a peony, the color of a calla lily and the color of an orchid.
Order these three lip balms right now to spend this autumn with them and you will never know what are dull autumn days or a rainy mood. Continue reading

Which organic oil is the best natural lip moisturizer?

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There are a lot of organic oils and butters which are used for production of lip moisturizers. Organic avocado oil, organic coconut oil, organic argan oil, organic shea butter, etc.
Mainly, organic oils and butters are produced from the nuts and fruits which grow under the drip of huge leaves of tropical trees. Dank tropical woods nourish these fruits and nuts with ultimate moisture so that they can preserve this moisture to become the best moisturizers for your lip skin. Continue reading

Lip plumping with the best lip plumping products by Dizao

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Who does not to have her lips plumped? We are sure that everybody does! Volume for lips is not less important that for eyelashes. If your lips are not full enough and you want to bring some extra volume to them, lip plumping is essential.
Dizao understands that lip plump is one of the most important property of any lip product. That is why it was so important for us to develop a formula of a tinted lip balm which would have this property. It was not a simple task because there are not so many natural ingredients which can plumper lips and natural origin is the most important factor of choosing a cosmetic ingredient for us. Continue reading

A Dizao tinted lip balm is the best natural lipstick

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We all should be very committed to natural cosmetics, otherwise various chemicals and harmful artificial ingredients will make your skin age faster and look worse.
When it comes to lipstick, it is very difficult to find the best natural lipstick. At first sight it can seem that these are a lot of natural lipsticks in the cosmetic market but the truth is, that it is very difficult to find the best one.
Some natural lipsticks still contain chemicals, some of them are prone to smudging. Moreover, the best natural lipstick is not supposed to have too thin or too thick texture, to look greasy or to be sticky and so on and so on…
You see that there are too many criteria which the best natural lipstick should meet. Continue reading

The best ingredients for the best lip treatment and the best colors

Dizao tinted organic lip balms are developed to be the best lip treatment and to brinf bright and deep colors to your lips. We like the idea of combining properties of a lip balm and a lipstick in one product.natural organic lip balms
Surely, it was not an easy task for chemists and beauticians to create such a versatile beauty product, but they managed to do it by selecting the best ingredients for its formula. Continue reading

Dizao organic cosmetics in questions and answers

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We appreciate your attention to Dizao organic cosmetics and we are always very happy to answer those question which you have asked us through the social network.
How can I be sure that Dizao cosmetics are organic?
Dizao organic cosmetics are USDA certified organic cosmetics. USDA certification system has very strict requirement and the certificate is given only to those natural cosmetic brands which produce 100% natural products with high content of organic cosmetic ingredients.
Are Dizao tinted lip balm balms as beneficial for my lips are colorless ones? Continue reading

Wake your skin up when September starts

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The first day of autumn is rarely filled with positive thoughts. We understand that summer is over and this idea brings a lot of melancholy to our minds.
Unfortunately, autumn can not provide us with the same delight and pleasure as summer does. In autumn we must say good buy to good weather, short skirts, wonderful gold skin tone and unforgettable adventures. Continue reading