How to find the best lipstick tone for your complexion

Dizao lip balms
What color lipstick should i wear and how to choose lipstick color are those questions which are asked by every woman and not once.
Lipstick colors are numerous. When you are buying a lipstick, you have to choose among so many different colors, which makes it very difficult to concentrate and pick the best one.
By the way, what is the best lipstick? Surely, the best lipstick is the one which matches your complexion as well as it matches your overall look, image and style.
If if is not complicated to find a lipstick which will satisfy you concerning last three criteria, the first one (we mean complexion) is not easy to come to terms with.
We have a few tips for you which will help you to find the best lipstick for your complexion.
If your completion is very light ivory, coral should become a friend of your lips. Dizao tinted lip balm “221 Light Coral” will be perfect.
If you have the skin tone which is somewhere in between very light ivory and neutral, we recommend you deep dark red lipstick, for example Dizao tinted lip balm “211 Magnolia”.
For neutral skin tone, the best lipstick color is classical red, so you should prefer Dizao
tinted lip balm “208 Calla Lily”.
For those with the darker complexion, the whole range of colors will be suitable except for too orange and too dark tints.
Surely, choosing the right lipstick color for your complexion is not an easy task.
In case that you solve it successfully, share your photos with us in all social networks with the hash tag #dizao !

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