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Dizao BOTO face masks to tighten loose skin

dizao botomask
Dizao BOTO masks are well-known for their wrinkle reducing properties. But wrinkles are not a single problem that aging skin can meet. Sagging skin is as awful as appearance of wrinkles. Probably, it is even worse. You can not hide sagging skin with makeup or fillers as you do with wrinkles.
Dizao BOTO masks are the best against sagging because they are very effective in terms of tightening loose skin due to high content of anti-aging ingredients. Continue reading

Pearl powder for skin perfection

dizao paerl face mask
Pearl is very important for many cultures. Usually, it symbolizes purity, innocence and impeccable beauty. It is not by chance that all these notions are associated with pearl.
Beauty of pearl itself is so perfect and clear, pearl’s surface is so smooth… When you look at it, all that you want is to have your skin as beautiful and perfect.
We ground pearl to a fine powder to create Dizao pearl facial mask to make your skin resemble pearl perfection. Continue reading

Does your skin look older in winter? It needs BOTO serum for face

BOTO face masks
When the winter sun shines and snowflakes fly around we fall in love with winter. But does our skin fall in love as well? Does it love frosty weather and dry air? Look in the mirror and see small spots of irritation and readiness, over-dried and dull skin which not only reveals your age but adds a few years as well. Is that what you want? We do not think so.
We are sure that your skin should be well-moisturized, smooth and of perfect color. It should not look older than it is. On the contrary, it should look younger. Continue reading

BOTO face masks. Are you ready for ultimate rejuvenation with the best collagen facials ever?

collagen facial mask, collagen facial masks, collagen facials
It is well-known fact that each collagen facial mask works perfectly for rejuvenation. Dizao developed a wide range of collagen facials to rejuvenate your skin and wipe all the aging signs from your face. Do you want to forget about wrinkles, sagging, loss of skin elasticity and pigmentation? Continue reading

How to find a face mask for sensitive skin?

dizao collagen face masks
All women have very sensitive and fragile face skin. Face skin always demands very special care. Only skin care products of very high quality should be applied if you want to keep your skin beautiful and, at the same time, avoid irritation.
When we speak about sensitive skin as a type of skin, we should take into account the fact that this skin is even more sensitive than all other types of face skin.
If your skin type is sensitive skin, the quality of cosmetic products which you apply, should be even higher.
When it comes toface masks, face masks for sensitive skin of appropriate quality are very difficult to find. Very often they either provoke irritation or not effective enough.
We found a few tips for you to find the best face mask for sensitive skin.
Face masks for sensitive skinshould meet the following criteria:
A good face mask for sensitive skin should be natural, otherwise, the risk of your skin to be irritated is very high. Artificial ingredients can provok allergy and sensitive skin is much more sensitive to allergies than other skin types.
A good skin mask for this skin type should be moisturizing. That will allow you to prevent itching and dryness, which are always connected with sensitive skin.
A good face mask for sensitive skin should be protective. A face mask for sensitive skin should protect your skin from heat, cold, low humidity and ultraviolet light.
Dizao sheet masks meet all these criteria. Each Dizao face mask for glowing is natural and does not provoke allergy, actively moisturizes your skin and protects it from harmful environment.
If you have sensitive skin, Dizao face mask will match it perfectly!
Apply Dizao face masks and share your experience on our our Facebook page!

5 plant extracts that we added to Dizao Green Tea Mask to make it even better

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This article is devoted to the minor active ingredients of the face mask “Green Tea”, if you are interested to know more about the major ingredient (it is green tea extract, of course) you can find more information here.
As for subsidiary active ingredients here are 5 plant extracts that we added to Dizao Green Tea Mask to make it more effective. These plant extracts go very well with the major ingredients and provide additional effects.
Tomato (solanum lycopersicum) extract contains such important skin nutrients as Lycopene and Vitamin C. Tomato extract also has antioxidant effect. (Unfortunately, this effect is not enough to protect your skin thoughtfully) Continue reading

Dizao sheet face masks as natural as DIY face masks but better

We like DIY face masks because they treat skin flaws and make us more beautiful with powers of nature. But we do not like DIY face masks because sometimes they are too difficult to be prepared and need too much time. Are you ready to spend more than a couple of hours for buying fresh ingredients for a DIY face mask, scrutinizing its recipe, preparing and applying the mask?
Moreover, you are supposed to do all this when everybody knows that modern sheet face masks can be as natural as homemade face masks but much more effective. Continue reading

Ditch makeup with too many layers for Dizao natural face masks

dizao sheet face mask
Everyday makeup is getting more and more complicated and sophisticated. You are supposed to apply a dozen of makeup products to even your tone and make it look natural.
As a result, your makeup is supposed to consists of three or for layers of makeup products, put one on another. Concealer, highlighter, foundation, powder… are you sure that you really want to spend 3 hours to apply all these endless beauty products every time you want to go out? Continue reading