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Pearl powder for skin perfection

dizao paerl face mask
Pearl is very important for many cultures. Usually, it symbolizes purity, innocence and impeccable beauty. It is not by chance that all these notions are associated with pearl.
Beauty of pearl itself is so perfect and clear, pearl’s surface is so smooth… When you look at it, all that you want is to have your skin as beautiful and perfect.
We ground pearl to a fine powder to create Dizao pearl facial mask to make your skin resemble pearl perfection. Continue reading

How to find a face mask for sensitive skin?

dizao collagen face masks
All women have very sensitive and fragile face skin. Face skin always demands very special care. Only skin care products of very high quality should be applied if you want to keep your skin beautiful and, at the same time, avoid irritation.
When we speak about sensitive skin as a type of skin, we should take into account the fact that this skin is even more sensitive than all other types of face skin.
If your skin type is sensitive skin, the quality of cosmetic products which you apply, should be even higher.
When it comes toface masks, face masks for sensitive skin of appropriate quality are very difficult to find. Very often they either provoke irritation or not effective enough.
We found a few tips for you to find the best face mask for sensitive skin.
Face masks for sensitive skinshould meet the following criteria:
A good face mask for sensitive skin should be natural, otherwise, the risk of your skin to be irritated is very high. Artificial ingredients can provok allergy and sensitive skin is much more sensitive to allergies than other skin types.
A good skin mask for this skin type should be moisturizing. That will allow you to prevent itching and dryness, which are always connected with sensitive skin.
A good face mask for sensitive skin should be protective. A face mask for sensitive skin should protect your skin from heat, cold, low humidity and ultraviolet light.
Dizao sheet masks meet all these criteria. Each Dizao face mask for glowing is natural and does not provoke allergy, actively moisturizes your skin and protects it from harmful environment.
If you have sensitive skin, Dizao face mask will match it perfectly!
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The best skin care products by Dizao

Dizao is a cosmetic brand which is famous for its original approach to skin care. We think that it is our duty to provide our customers with the best skin care.
To fulfill this aim we create some guidelines which we follow when we create our cosmetics:
- All Dizao skin care products are natural. We understand that your skin is not a chemical laboratory to consume all those unnatural ingredients which are usually used to prepare cosmetics. That is why all formulas of Dizao natural cosmetics contain only ingredients extracted from nature. It is well-established fact, that Dizao provides the best organic skin care. Continue reading

5 plant extracts that we added to Dizao Green Tea Mask to make it even better

natural face mask
This article is devoted to the minor active ingredients of the face mask “Green Tea”, if you are interested to know more about the major ingredient (it is green tea extract, of course) you can find more information here.
As for subsidiary active ingredients here are 5 plant extracts that we added to Dizao Green Tea Mask to make it more effective. These plant extracts go very well with the major ingredients and provide additional effects.
Tomato (solanum lycopersicum) extract contains such important skin nutrients as Lycopene and Vitamin C. Tomato extract also has antioxidant effect. (Unfortunately, this effect is not enough to protect your skin thoughtfully) Continue reading

Dizao Vitamin C face mask for more inspiring skin care

dizao vitamin c face mask
Find your own inspiration with Dizao “Vitamin C” face mask. This tissue face mask will change your reflection in the mirror and your thoughts as well.
Dizao “Vitamin C” face mask will make your skin impeccable and will change your self-perception. You will understand what it means to be impeccable and you will want to transfer this perfection to all spheres of your life.
We do not promise that after application of our face mask you will succeed in all spheres of your life but we promise to give you another inspiration for this.
Dizao “Vitamin C” face mask is a very special cosmetic product because vitamin C, which is the main active ingredient of the mask, is a very special cosmetic ingredient. Continue reading

Dizao sheet face masks as natural as DIY face masks but better

We like DIY face masks because they treat skin flaws and make us more beautiful with powers of nature. But we do not like DIY face masks because sometimes they are too difficult to be prepared and need too much time. Are you ready to spend more than a couple of hours for buying fresh ingredients for a DIY face mask, scrutinizing its recipe, preparing and applying the mask?
Moreover, you are supposed to do all this when everybody knows that modern sheet face masks can be as natural as homemade face masks but much more effective. Continue reading

Wake your skin up when September starts

lip balms face masks
The first day of autumn is rarely filled with positive thoughts. We understand that summer is over and this idea brings a lot of melancholy to our minds.
Unfortunately, autumn can not provide us with the same delight and pleasure as summer does. In autumn we must say good buy to good weather, short skirts, wonderful gold skin tone and unforgettable adventures. Continue reading