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Crisp temperatures? You need a lip protectant!

shokolad lip balm dizao
Dank and cold October is coming to an end and brings November with its cold winds and even colder weather. There is nothing bad about crisp temperatures for us but our lip skin is going to suffer from it a lot.
Low temperature and strong wind will attack your tender lips, so you do not need to ask yourself why do lips get chapped, the reason of it is very clear.
Your lips are going to become cracked and dry without a good lip protectant due to negative October effects. Continue reading

Add a peony, a calla lily and an orchid to your autumn lip makeup for the best lip color!

dizao peony balm
We have already plunged into the deep autumn with its dripping trees and dank days.
Do not detain to choose and also apply the best lip colors, which will improve your autumn mood and will allow you to enjoy the remnants of October and November.
We found three best colors for you, which reflect the colors of the most bright flowers, namely, the color of a peony, the color of a calla lily and the color of an orchid.
Order these three lip balms right now to spend this autumn with them and you will never know what are dull autumn days or a rainy mood. Continue reading

The best ingredients for the best lip treatment and the best colors

Dizao tinted organic lip balms are developed to be the best lip treatment and to brinf bright and deep colors to your lips. We like the idea of combining properties of a lip balm and a lipstick in one product.natural organic lip balms
Surely, it was not an easy task for chemists and beauticians to create such a versatile beauty product, but they managed to do it by selecting the best ingredients for its formula. Continue reading

Wake your skin up when September starts

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The first day of autumn is rarely filled with positive thoughts. We understand that summer is over and this idea brings a lot of melancholy to our minds.
Unfortunately, autumn can not provide us with the same delight and pleasure as summer does. In autumn we must say good buy to good weather, short skirts, wonderful gold skin tone and unforgettable adventures. Continue reading

What is better tint or tinted lip balm?

tintsTints are getting more and more popular in the market of decorative cosmetics. They are claimed to be better than lipsticks and lip glosses because they can penetrate deeper and, as a result, last longer.
It seems that tint is the best lip product for summer, when you swim and sweat and, consequently, need decorative cosmetics which do not smudge, do not melt and last long.
But is it a good idea to replace a tinted lip balm with a tint? Let`s contemplate. Continue reading

Dizao face masks
Start your week with Dizao natural face masks

Today is Monday, the most difficult day of the working week. On Mondays, we usually arrange our schedule and make our plans for the whole week.
We offer you to make plans for your beauty routine of this week with Dizao. In that case, your beauty routine should look like that:
1. Monday. On Monday we need to get prepared for the whole week. Being the first day of the week, Monday determines it. Actually, successful Monday makes the whole week successful. So, nourish your skin with Dizao natural face mask “Ginseng” and your lips with Dizao organic nourishing lip balm “Cinnamon and Shea Butter”. Nourishment will make your face skin and your lip skin healthier and more resistant to stress. Do you want to have pleasant and fruitful week, which will not be spoiled with a sudden appearance of a pimple or any other imperfection. Continue reading

color lip balm
Dizao color lip balm “208 Calla Lily” will make your summer brighter

We are sure that you are ready to spent this summer in the brightest way ever and we are there for you to help you with it.
The cosmetics brand Dizao has everything to make your beach-time, your summer parties brighter as well as everyday of your life.
The natural lip balm “208 Calla Lily” by Dizao has a beautiful tint that copies the color of call lily, a harmonious combination of red, orange and beige. The tint is neutral enough and goes with any eye makeup and any skin tone. Continue reading

Refresh your lips on these hot days

Summer is always full of splashes of sea water, taste of juicy fruits and kisses of the sun. But those kisses can be harmful enough. They do not only bring revitalizing energy to your skin, but also dry it out and make it cracked and chapped. In the long term sun kisses can cause premature aging.
Unfortunately, it works not only for face skin but for lip skin as well. Moreover, lip skin needs much more protection from the sun than face skin because lip skin is more delicate and sensitive. Continue reading