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How to find the best lipstick tone for your complexion

Dizao lip balms
What color lipstick should i wear and how to choose lipstick color are those questions which are asked by every woman and not once.
Lipstick colors are numerous. When you are buying a lipstick, you have to choose among so many different colors, which makes it very difficult to concentrate and pick the best one.
By the way, what is the best lipstick? Surely, the best lipstick is the one which matches your complexion as well as it matches your overall look, image and style. Continue reading

Lip plumping with the best lip plumping products by Dizao

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Who does not to have her lips plumped? We are sure that everybody does! Volume for lips is not less important that for eyelashes. If your lips are not full enough and you want to bring some extra volume to them, lip plumping is essential.
Dizao understands that lip plump is one of the most important property of any lip product. That is why it was so important for us to develop a formula of a tinted lip balm which would have this property. It was not a simple task because there are not so many natural ingredients which can plumper lips and natural origin is the most important factor of choosing a cosmetic ingredient for us. Continue reading

A Dizao tinted lip balm is the best natural lipstick

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We all should be very committed to natural cosmetics, otherwise various chemicals and harmful artificial ingredients will make your skin age faster and look worse.
When it comes to lipstick, it is very difficult to find the best natural lipstick. At first sight it can seem that these are a lot of natural lipsticks in the cosmetic market but the truth is, that it is very difficult to find the best one.
Some natural lipsticks still contain chemicals, some of them are prone to smudging. Moreover, the best natural lipstick is not supposed to have too thin or too thick texture, to look greasy or to be sticky and so on and so on…
You see that there are too many criteria which the best natural lipstick should meet. Continue reading

Flavored cosmetics will help you with weight loss diet

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There is nothing shameful about being a little bit plumper than photoshoped models on the covers of magazines. And there is nothing shameful about keeping a weight loss diet to get thinner. Remember, your weight is always something that must be comfortable for you.
If you are not satisfied with your current weight and want to keep diet, do it!
A weight loss diet will help you to feel more beautiful and comfortable in your body. Continue reading

Dizao tinted lip balms. A sensation of color

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A sensation is always something extraordinary that appears unexpectedly. A sensation is always something that is worthy to look forward to and to wait for.
Dizao lip balms are another sensation in the world of cosmetics. What do we mean by saying that?
We mean that no other lip balms are capable of providing you with the same colors. The colors of Dizao tinted lip balms are so deep and attractive that your lips will not be left without attention. Continue reading

Dizao organic beauty products

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Dizao organic beauty products must be on your radar! The very fact that Dizao is always ready to provide you with Beauty. Benefit. Delight shall attract your attention and make you love Dizao organic beauty products.
Dizao organic beauty products are represented by organic mascara, conditioning lip balms and tinted lip balms.
Dizao organic mascara is the unique product. There are a few black mascaras in the cosmetic market which could meet those highest standards which Dizao mascara meets. Being USDA-certified Dizao mascara consists of 95% of organic ingredients and 100% of natural ones. The mascara is based on carnauba wax, a very special cosmetic ingredient, which guarantees that mascara will be easy to apply and will last long. Continue reading

Color lip balms will prolong your summer

balm dizao organicsWe enjoyed Dizao tinted lip balms the whole summer. They protected our lip skin from UV-radiation and moisturized it, made our lips softer and brought wonderful colors to them.
We went to the beaches and to the swimming pool parties, to the night clubs and to the hot offices while wearing Dizao tinted lip balms. And even on the sweltering days we were not afraid that something could go wrong with our lip makeup. Continue reading

What is better tint or tinted lip balm?

tintsTints are getting more and more popular in the market of decorative cosmetics. They are claimed to be better than lipsticks and lip glosses because they can penetrate deeper and, as a result, last longer.
It seems that tint is the best lip product for summer, when you swim and sweat and, consequently, need decorative cosmetics which do not smudge, do not melt and last long.
But is it a good idea to replace a tinted lip balm with a tint? Let`s contemplate. Continue reading