Throw you eyelash growth serum away! 5 tips to boost eyelash growth

dizao mascara
Every woman wants to have long lashes so that millions of eyelash growth serums, creams and oils are bought every day. But do we really need so many cosmetic products to boost eyelashes growth?
The answer is no! We found 5 tips for you to boost eyelash growth without any eyelash growth serum!
1. Do not use false lashes. Surely, they look very long and thick at first and make your eyes more defined and attractive, but in two weeks you will see than beauty can not be false. In two weeks after you have applied false lashes, they start to break and fall off. The worse thing is that they fall off together with your natural lashes. Because of false lashes you loose a lot of natural ones and those which are left become shorter and it is not what we want.
2. As for mascara tips for short lashes which you want to make longer, remember that you should use a mascara with natural oils and extracts. They are very effective to nourish the very roots of your lashes and make your them grow faster.
3. Never overload your lashes with any mascara, even if it has super light texture.
4. Eat more fresh vegetables and food which contain fatty acids, drink more to moisturize your lashes from inside out.
5. Massage your eyelids to make blood come to the roots of lashes. It can sound funny though It is very effective!
With these tips you can have very long and healthy lashes without buying another eyelash growth serum. If you have more tips, do noyt hesitate to share them in comments or on our Facebook page!

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